Fusing the essence of craftsmanship with a touch of modernity, Colombe d’Humières Studio stands at the intersection of artistry and style. Born in September 2020 and rooted in the vibrant city of Paris, this brand specializes in the meticulous art of metalwork.

Dedicated to advancing artisanal techniques in jewelry making, metalsmithing, and sculptures, the studio boasts two distinctive lines. The first comprises unique pieces reminiscent of couture, while the second features classic designs produced in limited quantities.

Crafted primarily in silver, both collections showcase selected pieces adorned with melted glass and laboratory stones, infusing the bright metal with a candy-like palette of colors. The latest campaign, captured through the lens of Mark Luckasavage and styled by Samia Giobellina, unveils the studio’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional craftsmanship.

Check it out below: