A-COLD-WALL* presented its SS21 collection titled “My Brother’s Keeper” with a film by Samuel Ross, Pierre Debusschere and Robbie Spencer.

Lost in thought
To practice caution
Has been long lost
As I charge forth
Carried by the momentum
Of my sustained force
Some out of mind
Still tarry and pray
That I remained taut
But my light is far from thine
And this shadow is almost out of sight
Time is not on our side

Though we arrive on different days
In separate chambers
Though we may leave on separate days
As though strangers
Our journeys are aligned
Such as leaves on a branch
Or bones along a spine
But this goes not without challenge
As some will ask of us
What, if any, outweighs the collective mind?
I wish you the strength to carry
That which you find

That which weighs heavy on the mind
Anchor our actions to the world
In ways most are unable to define
Some thoughts inspire some to hide
Some thoughts keep us firmly planted
Extending to anything of interest
In our line of sight
Only furthers the range of our light
Also increasing
The ways in which we shine
Be careful of yours
As you will leave imprints on those who follow behind



Check out the lookbook below:

Creative Director – Pierre Debusschere
Stylist – Robbie Spencer
Poet – Wilson Oryema
Movement Director – Alexandra Green
Music Designer – AFRODEUTSCHE
Director of Photography – Ben Marshall
Stills Photographer – Brett Dilling-Davies
Casting – Marquee Miller
Models – Jethro Sapon, Samer Rahma, Ole Dautzenberg
Makeup – Thom Walker
Hair – Soichi Inagaki
Editor – Gary Coogan
Assistant Editor – Jack Moore
Production – Karla Otto London
Poem by Wilson Oryema