Catholic schools, nuns, teachers, cleanliness, bleach, soap, the original Teddy girls, cheap furry teddy bears from the seventies, cute illustrations of dolls in frames from the seventies, entrance halls of Madrid buildings from the seventies with fountains and stuff, decor magazines from the seventies, red check upholstery, tulle, John Waters, angora, bunnies, porcelain, felt and googly eyes. This is the new collection by KLING for Fall/Winter 2014.

The video is a story by Chloe Wallace & Adam Carpenter. “The video was shot in Los Angeles and the whole thing was pretty intense. I got the feeling everything was going very fast. The only interior we shot was in Adam’s own house, and then one more day while doing the laundry in the launderette where Adam’s been going for a while. I met Adam through a common friend, Bella. She showed me his Instagram, which made him famous for posting a video everyday with him dancing, and I loved it. We met the first time I went to LA and he’s become a
very special person for me since.

The shooting was more of a DIY thing—no makeup artists or hairdressers or stylists… One of the two days Jon Paul Douglas, a great photographer from LA, came to give us a hand. I even made a cake!

The ex-wife’s house was in North Hollywood, next to a street called Kling St. A coincidence? I don’t think so! Everything indicated it was going to be really cool!

We also shot in Santa Monica, the scene on the beach. We got there by motorbike (we moved around by motorbike all the time, Adam has a beautiful Triumph) with my camera in my backpack and the tripod hanging from it. We were lucky enough to find stretch of beach that was almost empty and the baywatch cabin was closed. We
set up the tripod quickly and shot as fast and as efficiently as possible because the sun was setting, and I couldn’t help to loose focus because I was taking the last bath of the summer and enjoying a beautiful sunset.

The kids are Asher & Clover. They’re incredible and put up with a brutal heat. The stunning ex-wife is Joy Bishop, a model from LA who made an incredible job. And finally, the “other member of the band” who dances so well is actor Tom Shelton, Adam’s friend.

Mequetrefe’s Christmas Pudding fit perfectly because it’s a especial track, it has something different and bizarre, just like CLEAN. It’s upbeat and sweat at the same time and it’s exactly what we wanted the story to have.

CLEAN by KLING Fall/Winter 2014