Casablanca’s latest collection, “Day of Victory,” for Spring/Summer 2024, is a vibrant homage to the rich cultural tapestry of Nigeria, reflecting a shared optimism for Africa’s future.

The campaign delves into the world of the surreal, providing a canvas for fantastical expressions. Drawing from the imaginative currents of Afrofuturism, “Day of Victory” is a visual narrative that redefines reality, history, and identity. It’s a celebration of ideas, a reimagining of a Golden Age of African cinema that once thrived in Nigeria, setting the stage for a reinterpretation of characters, gender roles, and historical narratives.

For the campaign, photographer Jordan Hemingway teamed up with movement director Meshach Henry. Together, they crafted a theatrical ambiance within the Parisian movie studios, creating film-like vignettes reminiscent of a bygone era’s cinematic grandeur. The resulting images are a tableau of musical cinema, where the subdued hues of Hemingway’s lens blend with Casablanca’s audacious palette.

Check out the images below:

Creative Director – Charaf Tajer @charaftajer
Photography – Jordan Hemingway @jordan_hemingway
Art Director – Rashid Babiker @rashidbabiker
Styling – Olaolu Ebiti @olaoluebiti
Models – Maty Fall @dibaamaty, Mumin Jangani @muminjangani
Hair – Karim Belghiran @karimbelghiran
Make up – Anne Sophie Costa @annesophiecosta
Nails – Cam Tran @cam.t.artist
Set Design – Olivia Aine @olivia_aine_
Lighting Designer – Quentin Ameziane
Casting Director – Holly Cullen @hollycullen
Movement Director – Meshach Henry @meshhenry