All creative practices usually follow an evolution: exploration, the formation of a style, and then the materialization of a vision. Yet, this journey isn’t always a straightforward march. Styles may precede visions, and visions may precede exploration. It’s a bit like dreams – seemingly linear when we recount them awake, but a chaotic mix when we’re in the dream itself. In Casablanca‘s first pre-collection, dreams take center stage.

Their inaugural pre-collection is an ode to this non-linear essence, rooted in the very fabric of dreams. Signatures in style emerge organically from their exploration, with a canvas painted in colors, inspirations, and resonant messages. This collection lays bare the discovered signature, a reflection of Casablanca’s cultivated form that becomes a medium for sharing embodiment and paving the way for imaginative possibilities.

As the campaign unfolds, envision a dream-sequence where dimensions blur, and garments transform into costumes for an imagined film, power suits, or tennis ensembles. Embracing the defining elements of Casablanca—palettes of oranges, deep greens, and soft pastels—they highlight distinctive features.

Check out the campaign images below:


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