Casa Camper Barcelona is renovating and expanding the hotel with more rooms and suites, a spectacular roof terrace and the new Dos Billares club, one again designed by Fernando Amat and Jordi Tió.

Every hotel n the world need to be refurbished and reinvigorated after its first few years. It is about being committed to quality” – explained Fernando Amat.





Luxury can be found in the amount of space and in those small details that make our lives easier: every new room measures an average of 40 square meters with separate bath and shower areas, a 2x2m bed, and three balconies with views. There is also a degree of interior design that is not intrusive. No changes there, then. The only difference is that the materials and furnishing used in this extension are the same at the Casa Camper hotel in Berlin, and are more welcoming than those in Barcelona. “There are two styled within the same hotel. And they both emit the Camper spirit.”


The rood terrace has also doubled in size. There is now double space and even more views over the city, with its wonderful contrast of architecture and the silhouette of Montjuïc mountain in the background. This is a spot with real Mediterranean flavour, wheter you are having breakfast in the open air or grabbing a  quick snack. It’s the perfect place to sunbathe, enjoy the unique refresh area, read, rest, take a siesta or treat yourself to an al fresco drink from the honesty bar.

In the hotel’s basement you can find the Dos Palillos restaurant managed by Albert Raurich, who was head chef at El Bulli from 1999 to 2007.



The new Dos Billares club is a new addition to the offering. This two was designed by Amat and is also open to the public with access from the street. There are special tables and chairs designed for playing chess or dominoes as opposed to the normal bar type. The lighting is soft and dimmed. It’s a deliberately dark atmosphere. The design is different compared to  the hotel and restaurant, but it still embodies Amat’s hallmark style of distinctive spaces characterised by aesthetic harmomy.