Carne Bollente and Virón announce their collaborative release: a sustainable capsule collection that champions shared values.

At its core, this collaboration explores the concept of Spiritual Universality. It’s not about biology, but about the essence of what makes us human. Virón, the Paris-based vegan shoe brand, has long been a champion of transparency and ethical production, prominently displaying the material composition of its shoes. Carne Bollente, on the other hand, delves into the complexities of intimacy and human relationships, using illustrations and graphics that boldly embrace liberated sexual themes. Together, they navigate the space between the metaphysical and the tangible, seeking connections beyond the physical realm.

Drawing inspiration from gentle esoteric depictions, scientific figures that popularize knowledge, and elements of nature, the standout pieces in this collection exude a youthful defiance. They carry themes of equality, the elimination of boundaries, and a commitment to positive change. And what better setting to explore these notions than the depths of the underground club culture in Paris? Here, in the shadowy yet hope-filled recesses of the city’s club scene, ideas about nature, social concepts like gender, inclusivity, equality, the esoteric, and even biological interspecies integration all come together.

The collection itself is a harmonious blend of Carne Bollente’s signature illustrations and Virón’s tribute to nature and human well-being. Throughout the pieces, you’ll find motifs of optimistic liberty, reminiscent of youthful dreams and a profound connection with the universe.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of this collaboration. All shoes are crafted from apple leather, up-cycled military tents, and recycled rubber. The clothing and accessories are fashioned from organic cotton and recycled fabrics. It’s a commitment to responsible fashion that aligns with our shared values.

Check out the campaign images below: