Magliano‘s Spring/Summer 2025 collection is a memory trip. Childhood flashbacks hit like summer storms – the sofa a rock in a flooded living room, chairs piled on a table like a crazy Venice. Clothes are raw and real, with classic whites, blacks, and greys. Think beach towels as coat accents and swimsuits doubling as pants.

Details are big – knots, clasps, and frayed edges. It’s messy on purpose, celebrating the hidden complexity over boring perfection. Childhood gets a stitch in with cross-stitched Google searches – poems next to porn, a wild mix. Racing car patterns and wicker basket jewelry add a playful rebel vibe. Workwear gets fancy with formal aprons, and latex brings a sharp edge.

Magliano tackles even the tough stuff – chemsex – with a silent, artistic print. This collection is all about breaking free. Clothes are a rebellion against conformity, a celebration of being you, whoever that may be.

Check it out below: