On the timeline of C2H4®‘s evolution, Case#R007 marked the genesis of its aesthetics. However, Case#R008 emerges as the natural progression, an extension of that creative genesis. This Fall/Winter collection unveils an expansive canvas for style evolution and processing finesse, building upon the metaphorical design exploration of the previous season.

An intricate dance of product combinations takes center stage here, a careful equilibrium examined, and the art of layering products thoughtfully considered. The focus widens to encompass construction, processing techniques, colors, and styles.

Contrasting its predecessor’s pursuit of minimalism and form, Case#R008 doesn’t strive to lessen its weightiness intentionally. Instead, it imbues the conventionally substantial Fall/Winter collections with a novel outlook and a fresh wearing encounter through adjusted silhouettes. This theme threads seamlessly throughout the entire collection.

Check out the collection below: