Massimo Osti Studio. Yes, that will be the name of C.P. Company’s new project, and for those of you who are wondering why and looking for the origin of it, we will tell you that Massimo Osti, unfortunately, deceased in 2005, is the founder of both C.P. Company and Stone Island. Now you see the point, right?

When Osti was among us, there were several things he stood out for, such as his exquisite taste in fashion and his fresh and innovative vision. These two traits have been enough to start developing the new brand, which unlike the other two mentioned at the beginning of the article, seems to focus more on more elegant clothing and less on streetwear, made with innovative fabrics and offering a more experimental approach.

It looks like the newest from C.P. Company, “Massimo Osti Studio”, is going to be quite interesting. Do you want to know more about it? Then keep the following date in mind: 17 January 2024 – Paris Fashion Week. That day will be the official debut and we finally get to know everything about the brand and see what Robert Newman, its current creative director, has in store.