Burberry is proudly reaffirming its long-standing support for the global LGBTQ+ community, releasing a video showing a special performance of Ultra Naté’s song ‘Free’ in celebration of love, togetherness, and freedom.

The cast includes: Aaron Philip, Adina Fohlin, Christian Stemmler, Daniel Lismore, Davit Giorgadze, Diogo De Castro Gomes, Eyal Shalom, Finn Love, Harry Alexander, Harry Godfrey, Isamaya Ffrench, Izaak Theo Adu, Jake Brodsky, Janaya Khan, Kelechi, Lea T, Lill, Logan February, Ming Savannah Nembhard, Nella Ngingo, Nimmo, Olayka, Princess Julia, Sakeema Peng Crook, Sippin’ T, Stella Maxwell, Yves Mathieu and Zheng Zhang.