Boramy’s mystical and fantastic universe is this time translated into 28 looks worn by nomads traveling from all around the world, a world lacking transcendence and disconnected from the sacred. These travelers run towards an end, in search of new beginnings, in search of the ascension.

Boramy Viguier rethinks the classic runway shows and uses at his advantage digital tools to reveal what cannot be seen in a physical event: garments with accentuated movements from models running in slow motion, bringing a dramatic dimension to the silhouettes.

In addition to producing all his collections in France, this season, Boramy puts the emphasis on the development of unique “1/1 One-of-a-kind” pieces, crafted from his studio deadstocks, second-hand clothes & ties intended to be destroyed. Outside of the ethical aspect of this practice, the main goal was to offer more creative freedom.

Take a look at the collection below: