Boramy Viguier presented his Fall/Winter 2020 collection in historical Paris stock exchange drawing comparisons of banks being the temples of today. “I looked on finance, banking, trading style references. The opposite of what I’m naturally drawn to. The multicolour pin stripes shirts, the ties, the jewels, … a pretty heterogeneous wardrobe but obviously so codified, standardised, almost militarized. That’s the paradox I liked.”

The World of finance is a universe that triggers so much passion. It runs everybody’s life. We hate it because we feel we are under control of our bank loan of our house, of our car, of our studies, it is a very complex discipline that we have a hard time to comprehend. Yet it is also very attractive. Financial scandals and careers are fascinating and horrific at the same time. A perverse attraction, an evil attraction. I like to think that the devil is in a sharp suit, a straight tie, a nice cut, with fine jewels…”

This season also saw strides to introduce more sustainability into the label by including new one-off hand-painted pieces that he customized as well as deadstock shirting. The Italian heritage “5 Fingers” rubber shoe brand Vibran also collaborated this season bringing something more organic and outdoorsy to balance the austere and severe finance references. “I wanted to treat them very harshly, vandalize them in order to create an apocalyptic feeling to the footwear. To oppose it with “cleaner” clothing. And also each piece has its own human touch, with its own “mistakes”. I love that.


Boramy Viguier Fall/Winter 2020 backstage shot by Louise Reinke during Paris Fashion Week, in exclusive for Fucking Young!