Boiler Room steps up to aid Palestinians in Gaza who are facing dire circumstances. The relaunch of their Palestine T-shirt is aimed at raising funds for those in urgent need of essentials – food, water, electricity, shelter, and medicine. All proceeds from this initiative will support Medical Aid for Palestinians.

The loss of both Israeli and Palestinian lives is tragic. Our thoughts go out to all of those on both sides suffering unimaginable pain, trauma, and fear. We condemn the horrific attacks by Hamas on civilians in Israel. This cannot justify the indiscriminate killing of Palestinians, who are paying the price for a crime they did not commit. For many years, Boiler Room has stood in solidarity with Palestinians living under occupation. Today we continue this support by joining in the call for an immediate ceasefire and for the Palestinian people’s right to exist.


The t-shirt is available to buy until October 24. Get yours HERE!