Designer Carles López teamed up with photographer Isaac Calpe to shoot his debut collection, in exclusive for Fucking Young!

“We live governed by ambition, and that in a certain way, makes us so selfish with our own life, that we only care about our own things, what others think about us, of everything that surrounds us… That is why many of the things we do, we do them without thinking about others.

My collection speaks about and focuses especially on personal exoduses; people who have left behind what has been their life until this day, to launch into an uncertain future, without giving the slightest importance to what they have lived and those who have accompanied them during this trip called life.” – said Carles

Hair & Make-up: Paula Santisteban @paulaeverprian / Rubén Monges @rubmongs
Styling assistants: Judith Casasús @judithcasasus / Maria de la Fuente @mariadlf08
Aitor Estévez @aito.rito / Mahi Colomo @mahicolomo / Miquel Torralba @mi.q.uel / Jesús Blanco @santdemonia