“I have always been drawn to California for its overlap of skate and surf cultures, and for the fore- ver-young mindset. More recently, I found myself fully absorbed in all the ways that locals dress to stand out. People put great effort into building a story through unique pieces, yet their looks are com- pletely laid back. It’s what we explore with BLUEMARBLE and what comes through this season: born from a West Coast vibe, developed in Paris, and discovered around world.” – Anthony Alvarez

BLUEMARBLE‘s fifth-year milestone brings forth a profound exploration of individuality, emerging as the core recurring theme. It serves as a starting point for boundless creativity, capturing a snapshot of diverse influences from a specific moment in time.

Emphasizing self-expression, the collection unveils a wearable wardrobe infused with youthful tailoring. It comprises vibrant, everyday garments crafted for versatility, alongside dream-inspired statement pieces enriched with contemporary artistry.

Check out the collection below: