Anthony Alvarez, the creative director of BLUEMARBLE, presented his Fall/Winter 2024 collection at Paris Fashion Week, marking the fifth anniversary of the brand. The collection was influenced by both his personal and cultural background, as well as his vision for the future.

The collection drew inspiration from Perfumed Nightmare, a 1979 film by Filipino director Kidlat Tahimik, who also happens to be Alvarez’s uncle. The film tells the story of a young Jeepney driver from the Philippines who is obsessed with the American space program and travels to Paris and beyond in search of his dreams. Alvarez related to the film’s theme of curiosity and wanderlust, as well as its connection to his Filipino heritage.

The name BLUEMARBLE also reflects Alvarez’s global perspective, as it refers to the famous image of the Earth taken from space by the Apollo 17 crew in 1972. The image shows the Earth as a single, fragile, and beautiful planet, reminding us of our shared humanity and responsibility. Alvarez imagined what it would be like to travel to the unknown, and how that would affect our sense of style and identity.

Alvarez said that he wanted to create a collection that was both true to the brand’s DNA and adventurous in its exploration of new horizons. If we are not ready to dress for space, we can still dream of our own trip with BLUEMARBLE.

Check out the collection below: