“We believe in the artists, the free spirits, the era definers. The self-expressors. The boundary pushers. We believe in the rule breakers who defy expectations. We believe in making music, moments and memories. And that the future is yours.”

For its new season campaign, Bershka traveled to London’s coolest boroughs and beyond to find the up-and-comers: the new talent shaping the future of culture in the UK. The artists. Style breakers. Rhymers. Dancers. Thought provokers. The darers.

Through their different forms of self-expression – from writing and performing to modelling and activism – these 13 movers and shakers have earned street-cred, audiences and followers around the world.

They embody the energy, open-mindedness, and the honesty of their generation. And by being genuine, believing in themselves, putting themselves out there, and staying one step ahead, they are engaging with like-minded people who share their beliefs.

Take a look at the video campaign below: