Exhibiting his full iPhone Camera Roll (selfies, pictures, videos, screenshots, etc), Ben Elliot uses contents from his privacy to emphasize current and emerging ideas such as self-branding, social media, marketing, collaboration, networking, human enhancements, computer networks – foreshadowing artificial intelligence. Displayed on an interactive stand evoking the visual codes of event design and marketing, the iPhone becomes an artwork while remaining useful as a product itself, opening the project to other formats than art.

Camera Roll can be considered as the making off of the thinking, life, and projects of the artist before these contents result in a clear and simplified “personal brand” that can easily be consumed on both his social networks and works. Elliot here uses the strategies of influencer marketing capitalizing on the private life of its opinion leaders to grow businesses.

Ben Elliot
Camera Roll
Until May 20th, 2018
Cour Vitrée des Beaux Arts de Paris
14, rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris
as part of Jeune Création