If Richard Avedon was the pioneer who heaved quintessential beauty to photography, Marcello Arena is one of his worthy heirs. Chief lover of the art of conceal and reveal, Arena’s poignancy-charged photography might just overwhelm the fainthearted. Fucking Young! took a deep breath and dived in.

Taking body-phrasing as a provocative means of expression, this visual series celebrates childhood and the nuance of early living. The photographer, teamed with make-up artist Mattia Andreoli, envision the body as a tapestry, pulling together bold streaks and subtle doodles into an empirical canvas. Through the body, Arena’s intent is to shape a reality of escape and freedom, prodding his sensitivity on a powerful crescendo.

Photography: Marcello Arena @marcello_arena
Mua & Body Art: Mattia Andreoli @__mattiaandreoli__