Just over ten years ago Boiler Room started with a webcam taped to a wall, opening a keyhole to London’s underground. We have partied with them from all around the world through IRL parties, connecting club cultures and today Ballantine’s True Music will take over Boiler Room’s new virtual festival SYSTEMRESTART.TV 



We have all been impacted by the pandemic, and following up from Boiler Room x Ballantine’s 2020 Streaming From Isolation series are some familiar faces and an additional global platform to eight of the most exciting and eclectic up-and-coming collectives from around the world. Tune in for Johannesburg-based creative Bubblegum Club, a collective of art creators across various mediums, headlining today.

Additionally, collectives will be using their broadcasts to showcase their local communities’ talents, to spotlight the current sound of their communities, as well as giving a visual sense of their cities’ atmosphere and culture – including Maricas’ virtual B2B between ISAbella, OR:LA, Ariel Zentina & Josh Caffe and a series of voguing, burlesque and avant-garde performances from the Warsaw queer scene as part of Brutaz’s set.



The festival also includes exciting audio-visual shows, combining talks, interviews, mixes, and music videos. Ballantine’s Head of Music Tom Elton commented “It remains a tough time for the music industry as live music event cancellations continue into 2021. As a brand we continue to stand by local music communities all over the world who we know has been hit hard by the pandemic. Through our long-term partnership with Boiler Room, we continue to find means to support those we see as key headliners of tomorrow, and we’re excited to be showcasing such an exciting lineup as part of Boiler Room’s SYSTEMRESTART.TV festival.”


To find out more about Boiler Room x Ballantine’s True Music and to sign up for updates, check out truemusic.boilerroom.tv