Eastpak and AVAVAV have teamed up to create a fresh collection that’s as practical as it is stylish. Showcased at Milan Fashion Week, this collaboration takes Eastpak’s sturdy design philosophy and mixes it with the playful, streetwise vibe of AVAVAV.

The classic Eastpak backpack, the Padded Pak’r, was the starting point. Beate Karlsson from AVAVAV admired its simple, functional shape and worked with Eastpak to reinvent it. They came up with four new pieces that keep the spirit of the original but add a twist of fun and function.

The collection includes the AV Double Pak’r, AV Reader, AV Bumbag, and AV Mini Bag. Each brings something different to the table, combining everyday usefulness with a touch of the unexpected.

Check it out below: