Ryota Iwai, the Tokyo-based designer behind the brand, Auralee, introduces his Spring/Summer 2023 collection. His commitment to raw materials and luxurious fabrics inspire a clean-cut collection of separates. Layering neutral tones with brighter hues in green, blue and orange provides a sophisticated wardrobe to the urban traveler. Rucksacks with “multifunctional attachable or detachable pouches” and trail-inspired shoes are paired with expertly tailored suits that make the unexpected combinations look effortless and chic.

The “simplicity can be deceitful” concept is portrayed throughout the collection. Proportions are manipulated and balanced with oversized trenches paired with shorts, crop tops paired with wide-leg pants, and exaggerated oxfords are worn under tube tops. High-end summer fabrics of recycled suiting, silks, and linen are contrasted with summer weight mohair, cashmere and wool to make a more versatile wardrobe in multiple climates. The ability to individualize seemingly simple pieces successfully conveys a “minimal, honest, and elegantly unassuming” collection.