2020 was, and unfortunately still is, a bizarre year. Especially for students from all around the world. Most fashion schools weren’t able to do their graduation show.

Luckily there’s still room for creativity. The fashion designers from ArtEZ teamed up with Peter Stigter to create a graduation video to show their collections in all its glory. It’s not the same as the traditional fashion show but the result is beautiful.

Take a look below:


ArtEZ Fashion Design BA Class 2020:
Silvy ten Broeke
Frederieke Broekgaarden
Charlotte Buchal
Elodie Cazier
Nemo Cheminée
Iris Ebel
Danny Feng
Floor van Helmond
Lisa Koops
Max Lanting
Eungyeong Lee
Aliet Moes
Benji Nijenhuis
Iris van Rens
Iris Röell
Remi Strikkers
Gijs Woletz
Gönül Yigit