The Fall 2022 collection by ARMEDANGELS shows what the visionary fashion pioneer stands for: bold innovation, future-driving messages as well as unique, rebellious activism with a passionate mission to really make a difference. “Smart Rebels” is the consistent continuation of the Spring 2022 collection “Heroines & Heroes of Today” and is inspired by the 68er movement: Rebellion against grievances and the need for change translated into materials, prints and silhouettes.

Flared legs and Seventies-typical prints and graphics, which reflect the ARMEDANGELS message and “rebelliousness as a brand” in the form of stylized thistle motifs, play an important role in the Fall 2022 collection. Ribbed structures for fine and heavy knits and premium alpaca yarns as well as GRS certified wool, which is partly recycled, carded yarns create recognition in this season’s -stronger than ever- knitwear collection.