Andrew Coimbra‘s Fall/Winter 2017 collection explores the idea of an urban night owl; the city person in all of us that wants to slink through the shadows, hop over gutters and bask in the glints of light in the darkness.

The collection plays with texture in a visceral and a visual sense: the coats have a cool, luxuriously fuzzy texture that glints in an incredible way when the light hits it. The black and white print on the puffer jackets was developed as a sort of interpretation of camouflage, using the idea of shadows being cast on snow as an inspiration.
The collection is mostly intended to be gender neutral, as most of the pieces can be worn by both genders.
Photographers: Lily & Lilac (Judy Inc.)
Styling: Nadia Pizzimenti (Judy Inc.)
Grooming: Claudine Baltazar (Plutino Group)
Models: Anya (WANT Management) & Marcel (Elite Models)