Andrea Crews turns 18 in 2021, an age of majority but also of transformations. Rebellious Radical is the celebration of 18 years of commitment to upcycling and awakening environmental and social awareness. It is also the embodiment of a committed generation. A youth who aspires to a return to simple and benevolent values, well-being for all, and the sustainability of the planet. The collection made of Jeans with activist messages and T-shirts with ornamental cuts and reliefs between decoration and decomposition where DIY becomes art and Upcycling sculptural.

The video, shot in the Parc de la VilleKe mixes contemplative and bucolic shots, where the models bask in the grass, lascivious and out of all Dme with architectural shots contrasting and recalling the duality of our urban lives, between the search for virgin nature and metal constructions. This video is the portrait of a committed youth carried by the first sentence of a manifesto “I am Andrea Crews and I am 18 years old”. A youth who loves fashion but is above all aware of the need to rebuild its models and values. The video is punctuated by an ambient musical composition that mixes the sounds of birds and arrhythmic heartbeats illustrating the search for breathing in a society where Dme is short and renewal so rare.

styling: Maroussia Rebecq
music by AM Soundesign
make-up: Donna Valette
hair: Damien Lacoussade photography Samuel Lehuédé
video: Chantapitch Wiwatchaikamol
special thanks to Parc de la Villette