The Adieu shoe has been revisited in this collaboration between the shoemaking brand and THE BROKEN ARM. This partnership reinvents the type 28, with an aesthetic that is both radical and poetic.

There was an immediate kind of ‘connexion’. Our references and affinities for a certain outlook on fashion also link us. THE BROKEN ARM has followed Adieu since the shop opened, and this collaboration came very naturally, very organically, out of a desire to unite our two universes” – confesses the Adieu duo.

We’ve always been fans of Isabelle and Benjamin’s, from back when they first started. Distributing their shoes was an obvious decision when The Broken Arm was born. But even beyond that, we built a strong connexion with them season after season, and so it’s quite natural that we ended up wanting to work on a common project.” – THE BROKEN ARM.

This model is available exclusively at THE BROKEN ARM store.

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