Acne Studios has unveiled its Menswear Fall/Winter 2024 collection, inspired by the denim culture and its subversive spirit. The Swedish fashion house has reimagined the classic motorbike styles with a touch of kitsch and cuteness, creating a contrast between the rugged and the playful.

The collection features neon colors, psychedelic prints, grunge elements and biker details, reflecting the influence of rave and club culture on the modern cyber biker. The denim pieces are designed to be provocative and sexy, as well as cool and comfortable. “Denim, inherently, has a rebellious aura. It’s provocative, it’s rugged.” says Jonny Johansson, Creative Director, Acne Studios.

To capture the essence of the collection, Acne Studios collaborated with American musician Yves Tumor, who is known for their experimental and boundary-pushing music, art, culture and aesthetic. Yves Tumor embodies the cyber psychedelic vision of the collection, as well as the rock attitude and the true rebel spirit. “Yves felt just right for the collection, they are one of those people who are true to their art. When they are on stage, it’s incomparable, it’s hard to find real performances like that. It feels scary and lovely at the same time. They also embody the space age, cyber psychedelic vision and at the same time they are super rock. The way they pull a look together feels very in the spirit of the collection. On the shoot, it was brilliant, it felt completely different all the time, downtown/uptown, low-tech/high-tech, scary and cute, all at once. Yves has all these different sides, which to me, represents what a true rebel is: a person you want to be, who doesn’t give a shit but makes immaculate choices.” says Jonny Johansson.

Check out the collection below:


The collection will be available in Acne Studios stores and online from September 2024.