Redá Ait Chégou‘s new book “Abuse of Silence (bad seeds never die)” is all about getting real. This isn’t your typical story; it’s a messy, honest look at how someone heals by putting their heart on the page.

Imagine scribbling down your deepest thoughts at 3 am, fueled by both feels and valium. That’s the raw energy of “Abuse of Silence.” It’s about turning pain into poetry, spilling your guts onto the page in a way that’s wild and unfiltered.

This book hits you right in the feels, not just for the author, but for everyone. It’s like the writer and the words are wrestling, both trying to make sense of a love story gone wrong and the scars it left behind.

Think of it as a break-up mixed with a total life makeover. You’re grieving the old you, but also excited (and maybe scared) about who you’re becoming. It’s a powerful journey.

This isn’t just a story of heartbreak; it’s a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. A new language, English, becomes a shield, a way to bridge the gap between the emotional core of the experience and its physical manifestation. Here, vulnerability isn’t a weakness; it’s a weapon, a tool to confront the demons of the past.

But “Abuse of Silence” isn’t solely focused on the author’s journey. It extends an invitation to the reader, offering a mirror reflecting our own experiences. Within its pages, we confront universal questions about love, loss, and the ever-present “daddy issue” that haunts so many.

Is love a fleeting feeling or a tangible action? Was it ever truly there, or a figment of a dream? These are the questions that linger, urging us to examine our own truths.

Redá Ait Chégou’s story is more than a break-up diary. It’s a battle cry for anyone who’s been silenced. It shows the power of art to heal, and how putting your story out there, even if it’s messy, can be the most liberating thing ever. So grab a copy, get comfy, and prepare to get real.

Redá will be launching the book at the 2024 edition of Novo Festival at Galeria Foco (Lisbon) on July 11th, 8pm, with an intimate reading-performance, and in Paris end of September during Fashion Week (TBA).
100 limited copies, WIP version,
Commissioned by NOVO Festival (2024).