London-based designer Abigail Ajobi, marks the season with her fourth capsule collection entitled ‘Continuing The Love Story’ which is a sequel to the previous collection showcased in February. Both collections are inspired by the love story of her parents: A young couple from two different worlds, who met on a flight between Lagos and London. Since migrating separately from Nigeria to England the film aims to explore the couple’s long lost love coming together once again after being apart for a period of time now with a young child.

The collection is not only a celebration of love but a celebration of cultural identity represented in a contemporary way. The theme shows a fusion between Nigerian heritage and urban London culture. The collection’s color palette is inspired by the contents of old family photo albums. The rich blue and green hues of the film photos are resembled in the collection’s color story. There are two main prints in this collection. The first print is a love letter scribed by her father to her mother abroad, which has been hand-printed on to deadstock Nigerian Denim. The leather is also sustainably sourced from Nigeria. The durability of both materials is used as a metaphor to emphasize the strength and buoyancy of their relationship. The second print of the collection is called the international love print which is presented both as a digital print on organic cotton and for the first time as a digital knit jacquard. To encapsulate the concept of her parents meeting on a plane the print features a portrait of them together against several passport stamps.

It is important for Abigail Ajobi as a brand and as a designer to be sustainable, which is why her ‘convertible’ clothing functionality has been carried over from our previous collections. This means many of our pieces can be worn in multiple ways, from shorts to full-length trousers, etc. Additionally, she uses deadstock denim. The brand that focuses on sustainability both in our environment and our community, whilst highlighting the importance of social awareness. As with all of our collections, they will be supporting a charity relating to this theme.

Take a look below: