“I think I’m dumb
Or maybe just happy
Think I’m just happy”.

Kurt Cobain sang this way and with him all the sub-metropolitan cultures. They are the ’90s and the grunge movement born in Seattle spreads like wild fire around the world. Worn-out jeans, dark colors, oversized cardigans. At the foot, often the combat or the iconic Frank boots launched by the brand O.X.S just some time before.

Founded in 1991, the label gets inspired by the metropolitan environments by becoming the very symbol of a generation and rapidly consolidating its position in the fashion market thanks to a strong identity which is at the same time sensitive to social changes.

Two years ago the young Diego Fioranelli takes the reins of the brand. Young and obviously unconventional, Diego brings originality and spirit of innovation down there, where tradition and professionalism were already the key components.

A gaze towards the future that does not disregard the roots thus becomes the foundation from which the S/S 2016 collection originates. The goal is just one: not to let the present escape. And the present is in the collaboration with the artist Alle Tattoo… that testifies and strengthens the ancestral bond with the street and art worlds.



Fucking Young! – Welcome Diego! What about the today’s compromise between fashion and pure marketing?

Diego Fioranelli – Substantially, pure marketing would be about the accurate identification and the consequent satisfaction of the fashion industry changing needs, while fashion includes elements such as creativity, feelings and, first of all, the brand identity. So it is right to move towards “what people want” but you need never forget to try and create something that goes beyond the trends of the moment and that contributes to the building of a unique and personal lifestyle


FY! – Very young, you took the reins of an over twenty years old brand , O.X.S. How complicated was to perform this role and which is the funniest part of your job?

DF – Indeed it was not easy to become part of a pre-existing reality – with its history and its philosophy – and try to combine it all with my own vision and personality. At the same time I must say that it was quite exciting to make the most of my skills to project this brand into the present, and possibly into the future, by combining tradition and innovation.


FY!O.X.S was founded in 1991 and rode the wave of the ’90s, becoming the symbol of a whole generation. Is it possible to maintain the original appeal of a brand unchanged over the years? What do you think the secret of your success is?

DF – O.X.S managed to suit more than one generations to a T thanks to its strong personality linked on the one hand to its recognizable design and on the other to its ability to keep up-to-date and ride seasonal changes without ever forgetting its matrix and mission.


FY! – May we say that the Frank boot is O.X.S icon? What was its evolution over time and what are in your opinion the most representative shoes able to complement and determine your identity?

DF – Absolutely yes. I think the brand’s icon is and will always remain the memorable Frank boot, which over time has evolved for example by approaching new technologies able to make it lighter with respect to the previous seasons. It has always tried to be contemporary without changing its nature of waterproof shoe. Over time we have developed alternatives to the Frank, but always urban and casual ones. For example, we have several structures on a “rubber” sole that complete the collection without compromising the image.

FY! – From the collaboration with the famous tattoo artist from Modena Alle Tattoo a capsule was born that celebrates the urban culture and manufacturing tradition. Once again the protagonist is the Frank boot… How, where and when was this project conceived? 

DF – O.X.S has always been a brand next to the “street culture” that rises up till to become art. In a time when graphic design plays an important role in fashion, we felt the ” tattoo” was the ideal form of expression to interpret our iconic model .


FY! – The brand originally had the intention to revise and deconstruct the military world by making it free from conventions and stereotypes. Who would you identify, today, your ideal customer with ?

DF – Actually I did not think of a typical consumer, nor do I believe that the customer may be in any way currently categorized. What I resolve is rather the creation of a lifestyle and the constant introduction of a new ” piece ” in the world of O.X.S. Basically, I try to represent a vision and an aesthetic that is shared by all those who feel close to the philosophy of the brand.


FY! – #OXSLIFE is a traveling campaign that for some time now you have been carrying around the world and that once again combines street and fashion. The subsequent result is independent from the usual street style and tells a story, or more than one, of life. As we have already pointed out before, the urban substrate is a fundamental element in and for O.X.S. Would you like to talk about it?

DF – The project #OXSLIFE is the new communication concept of the brand that is the search for pieces of humanity around the world…, humanity according O.X.S , i.e. all those who naturally show some elective affinities with the brand and who travel on the same frequency of the same, proving to appreciate the products at a first glance and choosing to become, somehow, testimonials of the brand in a totally spontaneous and natural way by representing it in its natural habitat, that is the real life. A trip then quite intense that we document through photos and videos on the Internet .


FY! – Driven by the Flaubert’s motto “The future torments us, the past holds us back, this is why the present escapes us,” for 2016 you have created a contemporary, practical, forward-looking S/S collection. How would you describe it? 

DF – At a destabilizing time as the one we are experiencing now and where the proposals on the market seem to be endless, we believe that the best answer lies in the identity and soul of the brand; this is the reason why we focused on the development of our flagship: the classic combat boot Frank, served in many different ways, from the dyed on the top summer models available in a wide range of colors and with the lightweight rubber soles technology, up to the boot in the “dismantling” version similar to a sandal. To make a summary, we can choose four words: color, light, rubber and practicality. Rubber is the element which represents the fil-rouge in the collection, as the vulcanized structures that with the final dye take on a unique and absolutely handmade scent and aspect worthy of that made in Italy for which we are recognized and appreciated all around the world. We also focus heavily on practicality, by opting for models with elastic instead of the classic plastic strings, from the boots to the sportier models like the running in the color block version, gutsy and at the same time summery thanks to the mix of materials such as leather and cotton.


FY! – The most representative item?

DF – The heart of the collection remains the timeless Frank, this year in the “holed” version that goes back to the basketball shoes.


FY! – As usual, our latest question… For you, Diego, what is really FUCKING YOUNG!? 

DF – If I should think of a character I would say now Mick Jagger, but if I think of life… “then, love or falling in love” is really FUCKING YOUNG.