Emil Sagive, Biel Baco, Nathan Puko, and Elroi Krauz lensed by Meidan Gil Arush and styled by Daphna Kirshner, in exclusive for Fucking Young! Online.

Styling: Daphna Kirshner @daphnakirshner
Clothing: Doron Ashkenazi @doron_ashkenazi_menswear
Accessories and hats: @havie.mnfct @yifat_finkelshtein
Models (Brick Models): Emil Sagive @emil_eliyahu, Biel Baco @biel_tzhory_bacco, Nathan Puko @natepoku, Elroi Krauz @elroi__k
Assistants: Tal Penso @tpenso, Nitzan Raivitz @_bug2000_
Photography & Production: Meidan Gil Arush @akameidan
Developing and Scan: @rea_film_lab