Many will know her as Snail Mail and others as Lindsey. The American singer-songwriter and guitarist can say loud and clear that she is currently doing quite well, as in addition to having released her second album called “Valentine” and having started her world tour, the artist has become one of the undisputed stars of Calvin Klein’s latest campaign “This is Love”, which aims to celebrate the family we choose within the LGBTQUIA+ community: friends, partners, lovers, neighbors, allies and more.

For all these reasons and more, Snail Mail is a very interesting character to interview. Read on and find out everything she told us exclusively:

Lindsey, let’s talk about your current situation, how do you find yourself on a personal/ professional level?

I try to maintain a healthy personal life by keeping a good amount of privacy between that and my professional life. It’s a tough balance because with this job, everything bleeds into everything and it can be difficult at times to not be consumed completely. It’s also important to me to stay away from comment sections/forums because my music is incredibly personal and reading negative stuff about it really hurts me.

Many people know you as Snail Mail, but for those who don’t, could you explain the reason for it and how it came about?

I used to play house/diy shows in the DC/Baltimore diy scene and it was one of the first names that came to mind because it was catchy and fun sounding. originally our bassist, Alex, and I wrote a few songs and put them online under the name “snail male,” but since we didn’t really do anything with it I asked him if I could use the name for this project.

Last year you released your second album, Valentine. Are you happy with the result?

I think so! A lot of people are coming to the shows, so we get to keep touring and that’s all I can really ask for! Besides good press, it’s pretty hard to tell how a record is being received in my opinion. It’s awesome to see people singing along to the songs at shows, though!

Your favorite track is…?

I think my favorite on the record is Automate or Headlock! I’m super proud of the lyricism and the bridge at the end of automate is my favorite moment on the record. I love playing both of them live!

You are currently on your world tour. How did you prepare yourself mentally and physically for it?

That’s a difficult one! It’s difficult to stay mentally and physically healthy on tour. All I can do is try to remain calm, take time in the day for myself, drinks lots of water, fruits and veggies, try to get as much sleep as possible. I can’t really party anymore because it takes me out for like a week now.

Any country you are particularly looking forward to going to?


Recently and for the first time you have participated in Calvin Klein’s latest campaign, “This is Love”, which celebrates chosen families within the LGBTQIA+ community. How has been the experience of working with a big brand like this?

It was awesome! I loved getting to do a shoot with my friends and my girlfriend! It made everything feel way more like a celebration. Everyone who worked on the campaign was friendly and wonderful to work with!

Why do you think Calvin Klein has decided to count on you for this special occasion?

Good question! Maybe they think I’m cute.

What has it meant for you to share a campaign with the film director John Waters?

That was incredible! I didn’t know John Waters was part of the campaign until the fitting, where I saw his picture on the wall! I’m a massive fan of his.

How important is fashion for you? How would you define your style?

It’s definitely important to me! I like to go back and forth between femme looks and futch looks depending on how i’m feeling. It’s important to me to feel put together on  tour, but when i’m home I usually just wear baggy stuff.

Any advice to give to those who want to dedicate themselves to the world of music?

It’s difficult out there, being that so many bands exist right now and it feels like everything is about social media. As someone who strongly dislikes that stuff, my only advice is to just hone your craft. Worry about the songs, rather than getting famous. I’m not sure if that actually works anymore, but it’s the only thing that actually matters.

Photos from Calvin Klein’s “This is Love” Campaign