Cesare & Sauro Bianchetti

In 2006, the Bianchettis founded a menswear label. Siviglia was born from Sauro Bianchetti’s enterprise and sartorial know-how. The brand name evokes foreign scenarios, calling to mind long-lost memories.

Siviglia’s core values reflect the concept of “Made in Italy”: research, quality and style. The garment production, which takes place in Central Italy, results from a stimulatingly progressive creative process.

Classic taste, modern twist.


Cesare Bianchetti

Fucking Young!: Good Morning, Cesare. The renowned menswear brand was named after Spanish horsemen’s pants: what exhorted you to make a core product out of an old-fashioned garment?

Cesare Bianchetti: The (inner side) insert trousers have represented a starting point that enabled a rapid product diversification.


FY!: Could you take us through Siviglia SS16 Menswear Collection?

CB: The brand’s SS16 signature look is built on stretch fibres, practical fabrics and neutral colours. The aforementioned materials went through careful technical research and fittings: lightweight and comfortable. We employed progressive technologies in order to obtain a high quality and good fit (we focused on light wools and succeeded in costructing luxuriously comfortable pence trousers). A selection of nylon windbreakers and quilted jackets completes the collection, offering a total look.


FY!: What is the “SIVIGLIA WHITE” line about?

CB: “SIVIGLIA WHITE” is a research lab, a capsule collection designed for a more trend-oriented customer.


FY!: How would you describe your ideal customer? Who is Siviglia man?

CB: A man who chooses to wear Siviglia is attentive to contemporary volumes and fits, materials quality, details. He doesn’t want to give up on comfort, but he keeps his style updated.


FY!: What are you working on now? Any future goals?

CB: The primary goal is to expand into foreign markets (first, Central and Western Europe and second, Asia). That being said, we clearly don’t mean to underestimate the Italian market.


FY!: You pay close attention to style and trends: do you nurture an interest in the concept of “genderless fashion”?

CB: We pay a lot of attention to trends, but our men’s collections always adhere to a strictly classic taste.


FY!: Could you illustrate your approach to communication (in a marketing-driven society)? 

CB: Siviglia FW15 advertising campaign marked the beginning of a communication process designed to enhance the brand’s origins and identity. We tried, through the following campaign, to elevate the concept of “Made in Italy”, bringing the customer to the brand’s native landscapes. “Made in Italy” is not just a certain kind of garment construction, but a lifestyle, a way of thinking.


FY!: In light of the global financial crisis, are you willing to compromise? Style or quality?

CB: The compromise is not about giving up on quality, but adopting a scrupulous approach throughout the creative process.


FY!: What does “Italian style” stand for?

CB: “Made in Italy”, quality, fabric and accessory research, a transversal brand. We strongly believe in Italy, beginning with the concept of “Made in Italy” and ending with the brand’s DNA that reflects a design of Italian origin and, at the same time, an international approach.


FY!: Could you, please, complete the following sentence: “Men want to feel…”?



FY!: The very last question: what’s today really FUCKING YOUNG!?

CB: FUCKING YOUNG! stands for the desire, the will and the ability to make a change. A conscious light-heartedness that gives you the stimulus to express yourself freely.