MANS Concept Menswear presented its Spring/Summer 2021 collection on the first-ever 080 Barcelona Digital Fashion Week. We had the chance to talk with Jaime Álvarez, the creative mind behind the brand, about the current social situation, the digital world, and the inspiration behind his new creations.

Jaime received on three occasions the Best Emerging Design Award conceded by the Catalan platform. MANS is a ready-to-wear and tailor-made company, influenced by Saville Row workshops and Japanese techniques. The SS21 collection finds its influence on the aesthetic of the American photographer Slim Aarons. From Capri to Palm Springs, stopping through the wonderful gardens of Marrakech.

How did the coronavirus and consequent confinement impact your brand as a company and how did it affect the creative process?

I suppose the same that happened to all my colleagues. Many events were suspended and with it, the requests to get a new made-to-measure suit. The only positive thing I see is that little by little society is more prepared to buy real, good quality, and timeless fashion. We have noticed it in the confinement having many orders and I am happy that they bet on good sewing and timelessness without looking at the price.

What do you miss about the pre-COVID world and something good (if any) that you have learned during this stage?

I miss total freedom, which is the worst thing a human being can lose, and looking for the positive side, is that you value much more now the encounters with family, friends because you never know when we are going to live this situation again and worse, that someone in your family suffers with it.

The 080 Barcelona Fashion this year like many other fashion shows worldwide, has opted for a 100% digital support. What are the positive and negative sides of this change?

On the one hand, you can correct mistakes and repeat the shots that are necessary, there is room for error and that reassures you a lot. Also, you reach more people than in a physical format, but for me, it is essential that the public get fully into the environment of the collection, the space, the models, the music… things that a digital show will not do for you.

Do you think that this way of presenting collections should be maintained in the future?

For those who want it, but I think that the physical presentation should prevail, where you can breathe and fully immerse yourself in the universe of the brand and live a unique experience. On the other hand, with a digital show, it is true that more people are reached but it is quite cold and when it is finished, you turn off your computer and to something else.

All this crisis in the sector has been reflected in environmental improvement. How does your brand try to be sustainable or contribute to a more sustainable operation in the market?

Betting on slow fashion and the so-called savoir-faire. We have always opted to create garments of virgin material such as wool and with very careful manufacture so that a garment will last many years in a closet and you do not have to discard it shortly after buying it.

Do you think that the change in consumer regarding genderless and creative adjustments of the brands in this direction can also contribute not only to the elimination of certain stigmas but also to this much-needed sustainability?

Yes, thanks to this, a smaller production could be made and cut back on the entire creative and craft process.

What would you highlight from this collection that you present at 080 Barcelona Fashion?

First of all, I want to clarify that we have not presented the entire collection, only 16 looks of the 46 that are, but this selection has all the essence of the Slim Aarons concept and universe. I would highlight the explosion of color from purples, lavenders, oranges and reds and all their variants and on the other hand the prints, which for the first time, are designed for us by a Greek textile designer. Klaus has perfectly represented an almost perfect and multicultural vision portrayed by the American photographer.

Are you already working on new projects that you can tell us about?

I already have things in mind for the winter of next year. For now, I invite you to see the new Delaporte video clip directed by Eduardo Casanova where we have designed all the costumes.


Take a look at the complete presentation below:

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