Benjamin Ingrosso is one of Sweden’s most sought-after and beloved artists and has amassed a significant following with his distinctive talent as a songwriter and performer. With more than 850 million streams, 15x Platinum and 17x Gold certified singles, and three albums that have topped the Swedish charts, Ingrosso has proven himself as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

2023 was a great year for Ingrosso following the success of his previous album “Playlist”. This year, Benjamin has partnered up with Universal Music Group for the next chapter of his career. Celebrating the release of his brand new track “Kite” featuring UK queer pop phenomena Olly Alexander, we chatted with Ingrosso to explore the creative process of his upcoming new record, out later this year.

Hi Benjamin, you are celebrating the release of the new version of your single “Kite” with Olly Alexander. How did all this start?

I’ve been a huge fan of Olly since the beginning of Years and Years. They released so many bangers. It’s interesting to see his evolution now he is alone. I’m honored to have him on that song. I’ve met him for the first time recently and it felt so natural hanging out with him and promoting this track. It feels like I’m having a friend on my song.

I guess when you make electronic music, it’s the label that decides whose voice is gonna fit your production. The process of having Olly was natural?

For me it’s very important to have a personal connection and see my collaborators face to face. It needs to feel natural as well as for them to put their flavor into a song, it’s a sharing process. It’s not just singing a verse but it’s all about creating it. A collaboration needs to help each other. For example, my fans get to know Olly and Olly’s fans get to know me. Helping each other is so precious.

You’ve been representing Sweden in 2018 at the Eurovision Contest and now you’re sharing a song with Olly who is representing the UK for this upcoming Eurovision edition. Is it a magical coincidence?

I’m a huge fan of Eurovision and it’s fantastic to have this international contest where we can all express our music in our own way. So let’s say yes, it is a magical coincidence.

Since your latest album in 2022 and with your upcoming album coming out later this year, do you feel that the way you create music has changed?

I feel lucky because I’ve been working with people I really like and writing new music has the same energy since the previous record. I was 17 when I started and now I’m 26 so yes of course I’m more confident about what I want to do. I think a lot about the release of a song, it’s all about maturity I guess. For this album I worked with two guys I had dreamed of for a long time working with them. That’s what I like with this industry, we’ll always chase bigger dreams even if you never get satisfied.

Do you feel that you have more freedom about the ones you want to work with now?

That’s the gift for an artist, to have the right people around you.

The evolution of technology in the music industry is becoming scary. What about the fact that artificial intelligence can have a major impact on your music now?

I think we need to appreciate this technology which can help songwriters in a way for exemple. The new generation may use this to be more productive as AI helps things evolve but it’s still important to create organically.

You are bringing this new album on tour, how is it to reveal these unrevealed new tracks in front of your audience?

I usually try to make the songs from the studio brighter live. It’s an interesting process. The Better Days Tour is a showcase of the new album with 80% new songs. With this tour, there’s not that much rework as I think about the live when making the songs. The energy of the studio will definitely be the same live.

Talking about this new album, coming out soon. What can you tell us about this new project?

I’ve been listening to a lot of 70’s music. When I did the track “Better Days”, I immediately knew that was the sound I was looking for in the next chapter. My manager helped me to dig into these sounds from the 70’s to 90’s. Somehow you will see, it’s very modern.

Any spicy scoop about the upcoming record?

I’m very proud of this album and some collaborations are pretty amazing. I have a living legend on that album.

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