Life is a play, and 8ON8’s stage is a surreal, theatrical and colorful one that never loses touch with reality. The brand’s designer, Gong Li, uses visual language and clothing to craft a story, set a scene and develop the personalities of his characters. His latest collection, titled ‘The Gourd Winter Concert’, is a captivating example of his creative vision.

The collection tells the story of a group of retired musicians who brave the wind and blizzard to reach a snow-covered mountain peak, where they will perform a concert that will resonate through time. They make this journey every year, as a way of expressing their past melodies, present aspirations and future stories that will be told when the next winter comes, and the same concert repeats itself.

The collection’s energy comes from the spirited memories of past stories and the beauty of a future yet to be imagined.

Check out the collection below: