Forget borders, 3.PARADIS‘ new collection is all about mixing cultures and rocking your own look. Creative Director Emeric Tchatchoua’s life inspires the whole thing – Parisian with Cameroonian roots, living in North America. “This blend of experiences has enriched my soul, instilling a love for what is different and helping me forge a unique identity. In our globalized world, many people share this journey. Our new collection mirrors this voyage and celebrates the beauty of our intertwined worlds,” he says.

Think bold patterns, unexpected shapes, and a mix of textures inspired by everywhere and nowhere. Artist Johanna Tordjman joins the party, splashing her art onto the clothes. Sustainability meets high-tech thanks to their French partners, Teintures de France. Each piece is both innovative and crafted with care. The collection also features collabs with the NBA, Jordan Brand and Paris Saint-Germain.

Check out the collection below: