Back in 2004, HUF and Nike joined forces for the first time, creating a special edition of the Nike Air Max 1. This wasn’t just any sneaker; it came in three cool colors and was made in a limited run. Keith Hufnagel, the guy who started HUF, designed it, and it quickly became a fan favorite in its signature “HUF Green” and gray.

Fast forward to today, and after 20 years, HUF and Nike are bringing back the original Air Max 1 in all three colors: Green and Gray, Orange and Gray, and Pink and Gray. This time around, the Green and Gray will be everywhere, while the Orange and Gray will only be in North America, and the Pink and Gray will be a special treat for Japan.

This comeback is a nod to the good old days and a shout-out to Keith Hufnagel’s lasting impact. The new campaign for these sneakers is inspired by a photo of Keith with his dog Bones at the first HUF store in San Francisco. Hanni El Khatib, who’s been with HUF since the start and was a buddy of Keith’s, came up with this idea. It’s a way to show off a side of HUF that most people haven’t seen before.

Check out the campaign images below: