The Spanish-British fashion brand WARBURTON, created in Murcia, which we have recently seen in celebrities such as Rels B, Aron Piper, Young Thug, or Odell Beckham Jr, has teamed up with the photographer Joaquín Luna to create a new capsule collection.

Inspired by emotions and sensations produced by the global pandemic situation that we are going through, this dark and mysterious collaboration features a combination of images from Mr. Luna with the design of WARBURTON in three different t-shirts, representing a story where we find concepts such as overwhelm and liberation.

BREATHE is an exploration of the emotions, feelings, and circumstances that the Covid19 pandemic has caused in society.

The short film created for this collection guide us through a journey of fear, loss, and prolonged pain in a setting of loneliness and anguish. It is a portrait of human hope at its maximum, where the misunderstanding of the environment and generalized confusion are the engines of a silent psychosis that today affects the world. The fight against the inevitable.


We met them and here’s what they told us:

Both visual and aesthetic imaginaries merge in a dark and mysterious collaboration that finds the perfect balance between your identities. How did this collaboration come out? Did you know each other previously? Why Joaquín Luna?

WARBURTON: It arose organically, we have known each other for a few years and since then we have always followed his work closely. During the period of lockdown, we began to have deep conversations about the sensations we were experiencing and as lockdown ended, we met and began to plan the collaboration.

It had to be him, we felt that his style of photography is very similar to ours: mysterious, dark… and the combination of both has resulted in this capsule.



In the fashion film, you tell us “Why riding in fever did I think I saw myself being born”? What is your personal experience of this pandemic? What has it meant for you creatively?

Joaquin Luna: This situation made me really rethink how psychologically vulnerable we are. On a creative level, it has meant a plus, new ideas have emerged that will soon see the light, and I have had time to internalize and materialize projects that have emerged during this period. “Breathe”, for example, is one of them.



‘Damage’, ‘Storm’, and ‘Breathe’ are the three T-shirts that you launch in this collection. They show, respectively, photographs of a rose, a face, and a horse. Could you tell us more about the reason for these three messages and their relationship with the attached photograph?

Joaquín Luna: The three photographs we chose, represent in a general way the concept we talked about in the capsule. Each of them breathes different shades within the same reality. These shades are the ones that have given title to each of the garments.



The styles presented take us to the UK grime scene. What were your influences in preparing this collection?

WARBURTON: The influences for this collection have been all those sensations and emotions that this global pandemic is causing us, we have collected and expressed them through our style that is largely defined by our British roots, so presenting it as if it were a grime scene.



You present the collection through a fashion film conceived and directed by Joaquin Luna himself. In it, some exquisite visuals and a raw, but realistic, copy show the sensations produced by the world pandemic situation we are going through. What message do you want to launch with it? What conclusion do we draw from it?

Joaquín Luna: I didn’t want to send out any message. The intention was only to clearly show our inner selves, what moves us, and what hurts us.



Is it really ‘The End’, as you close in the fashion film, or has it become a starting point for Warburton?

WARBURTON: We couldn’t consider it a starting point as we had already presented things before. But it is true that everything that will be seen of WARBURTON from now on and what will be worked on will be more like this than anything else before.



“Someone let me know what is to come”, is said in the fashion film. This is what we want to know… What can we expect from Warburton? What will we be able to see next from Warburton?

WARBURTON: We deal with the exploration of the lines between form and mystery driven by conceptual approaches. We want to challenge the viewer to understand the correlation between the piece and the concept behind successive collections. We present a subversive British aesthetic, combined with different materials, fabrics, and ornaments, paying great attention to details.

In January we’ll launch our debut collection, Pain and Passion through which we tell our story, we have been working on it for months, it is our presentation card, and we want it to be strong and for people to feel what we want to convey.


The collection is now available on

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Writter & Director: Joaquín Luna
Starring: Belén Jiménez-Esteve, Osama Sallam, Aranzazu Sánchez, Enrique Pardo, José Martínez Luna & Chloe Sawyer
DOP & Color: Diego Lobino
Edit: Joaquín Luna
Sound Design & Sound Production: DouleurDolor
Voice over: JHiggz
Graphic Design: Elige Chose
Text: Anton Lo
Special thanks: Estrella Saturno & María Santiago