Suit by Sandro Paris, shirt by La Principal Retro, boots by Medwinds, necklace by Thomas Sabo, hat by Stetsona and belt by Guess

Blazer by Ralph Lauren, tshirt by Medwinds, shirt and jeans by Guess,
boots by Sandro Paris, Ring by Thomas Sabo and sunglasses by La Principal Retro

Jacket by PLG Vintage, polo by Sandro Paris, trousers by La Principal Retro, Rings by Thomas Sabo

Shirt by La Principal Retro, chains & ring by Thomas Sabo, trousers by Marciano and boots Vintage

 Polo by Sandro Paris, trousers by La Principal Retro, rings by Thomas Sabo, jacket by PLG Vintage and hat by Cavenders

Max Torresal at Blow Models captured by Ernesto Sampons and styled by Angela O. Ibáñez in exclusive for Fucking Young! Online

Trends from the past disperse so that new interpretations of masculinity, virility and the concept of “Men” can make their way introducing new concepts. Putting aside ancient, forgotten stereotypes, the new Men follows its own standards that allow him to be unique and truthful to itself.

Photographer: Ernesto Sampons
Assistant: Jorge Hita
Stylist: Angela O. Ibáñez
Muah: Regina Khanipova
Managment: Barberà Films
Studio: Freak Studio
Model: Max Torresal at Blow Models