We’re offering nothing revelatory when we quip that socks don’t suck. Besides keeping our lower limbs temperate, they can add a pop of color, a flash of pattern, or a hint of print to any look. So prepare to sing, cause fashion sock brand Richer Poorer has collaborated with none other then Instagram’s current BFF Coachella to launch a capsule collection available exclusively at the Coachella Boutique onsite at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in Indio, California.

Richer Poorer worked with Edorado Chavarin to design a collection fully inspired by the festival, highlighting the music, art, desert, and fashion, but expertly avoiding veering into tawdry. So phone in a favor from your friends lucky enough to be there, wire him/her an Andrew Jackson and an Alexander Hamilton, cause for thirty bucks you can get your hands (and feet) on a three pack. Friends being difficult? We say: Offer them a pair as incentive. Friends being generous? We say: Send us a pair!