Regress is a 3 minutes backward movie, self-produced and entirely shot in film(16mm) by Jason Yan Francis. It was filmed in Paris, with few boys of the RAVE skate crew (PJ Chapuis, Edouard Depaz, and Aurélien Mangin) wearing the FW17 collection. The whole concept was to shoot and edit, this movie, in reverse. It gives a very special atmosphere to the film. Sometimes backward actions are really clear, sometimes it’s just about very small details.

Aurélien MANGIN
Antoine Hallard
Edouard Depaz
Justin Dutilh
PJ Chapuis

Thanks to

Vincent Amor
Manon Leurent
Rave Skateboards
Rémy Barreyat
Olivier La Combe
Zack Spiger
Standard Films
Film Factory
Music by
Antoine Hallard