It appears relatively ubiquitous when the greatest catwalks have the capacity to disperse perspectives and foster distinctiveness. And to stick on those conjectural terms, the latest collection of Raf Simons had a moving, emotive connotation because the people he portrayed epitomize an abduction into something different, clinging an intriguing narrative of scattering. Emerging from a gleamingly-toned yellow tunnel into a minimal-like yellow terrain were several individuals who gathered their hands in muffs, a rather obsolete accessory I must say. Though, positioned front-and-center, they conveyed a key piece of information about these people, the Solar Youth. Think it positive, peculiar, or purely incongruous: they’re keen not to disclose their identity. Could this symbolize a key transition into the community of the future?

And such makes us touch on the clothing. Elegance, sophistication gripped by sci-fi poignancy were plentiful. Glimmery-vibed detailing decked propositions, featuring futuristic neck-base layering in silver, so chromatically-blatant yet so excellently executed. Imposing a sense of edge and structure were the parade of military-style coats, set against the tubular-structured knits and paired with sumptuous footwear offerings. Back to school (with the blazers) and collegiate jackets were a further go-to, aided by a yet so powerful pulse of fine cuts that adorned the full collection. On the Simons index of wearability (theoretically speaking), every tailored piece was made for a man whose life could tailor on earth. But this showed us something. Almost like an unresolved enigma: the ending felt quite imperceptible, so where do we take-off from here?