This short fashion film is part of Pairs Project’s ongoing exploration of Dogme’95 and Dogme’16. Using the Dogme 95 cinematic rules, the photography Duo Cesar Love Alexandre made up of Isabelle Chaput and Nelson Tiberghien constitute their directorial collaboration. Cesar Love Alexandre have previously worked with fashion powerhouses Kenzo and Givenchy. They have created this piece melting documentary and poetic narration together using only analogue film for both pictures and video, stripping ourselves from the fashion gimmicks of hair, makeup, classical models, and heavy postproduction.

The short film is a reflexion on youth, humanity, time and space, on our perception of what we call millenials, our fascination with “gangs” and on our predefined gaze on them. We wanted to show a young gang of cool instagram figures of New York, those eclectic and fascinating millenials, but put them in a different environment, one that we are not used to see them in, to break the circle of preconceived perception, and put them in a pure neutral environment, where they become a group of humans together. The core of the piece is inspired by elements of sacrality, religion, contemporary theater, contemporary dance, the study of the movement of the human body by Muybridge and movies like Kurosawa’s Seven samouraïs or Bergman’s The seventh seal.

The piece was made in collaboration with Kim Shui’s collection, which the whole gang is showcasing as another symbol of their Belonging to the same group, and as a note to the fact that clothes have always been an important part in showcasing who you want to be and what group you are a part of.


Clothing: KIM Shui collection @kimshuistudio
Stylist: Sam Bates @sambates
Hair: Sirsa Ponciano @sirsaponciano
Sound: Colin Jester
Kayla Janowitz, @phostrated
Jacopo Olmo, @theinsaneballer17
Dusty, @reallydusty
Ace Aroff, @suupbrooo
Aoife Rosso, @aoiferosso
Briseppe, @briseppe
Desmond Sam, @akidcaleddez