H by Harris was originally conceived by designer and prominent stylist Harris Elliot in 2007 out of his need for a stylish yet practical laptop case. Designing and using that very bag became the spring board for what… »

20 AugAccesories

Sn. DJ: More weird hits, more weird fits!

Menswear designer Sn. DJshowed her latest collection ‘MORE WEIRD HITS, MORE WEIRD FITS!’ at Oslo Fashion Week.


Hyakinth Fall/Winter 2011

19 AugCampaigns. Fall/Winter

The Big Gang Theory

Sabine Villiard, Aurelin Storny and Alexandre Misericordia for Fiasco Magazine, starring Fernando, Roman, Levi, Juan, Lucho, Brett, Timothe, Vladimir and Mathias.

18 AugEditorial

Josefin Strid Spring/Summer 2012

The Narcissus

Esto es solo un adelanto del próximo número deVMAN(a la venta el 1 de septiembre), con este provocativo editorial protagonizado por Jon Kortajarena en la piel de Narciso, que según la mitología griega se enamoró de su propio… »

17 AugEditorial

Shady Days

Matthias Lauridsen, Nicola Wincenc, Viggo Johansson and August (the little boy) shot by Steven Pan and styled by Karen Kaiser for Interview Magazine.

17 AugEditorial

Perfect Stranger

Tara Koltun by Stefano Viti and styled by Matteo Greco for FIASCO MAGAZINE.

16 AugEditorial

A room with a view

New series by Hoger Holmann, this time for Peter, Tom & Dave issue 7 featuring Dam from Izaio Models.

15 AugEditorial

Pop Pop Pixels

Mikhael Ayoub, Nicola Wencenc and Mateus Lages photographed by Jeiroh Yanga and styled by Jordan Bradfield for The Ones2Watch.

15 AugEditorial

F.Y. video

BURN your mind

Estas fotografías forman parte del documental que está grabando BURN. ¿No te habías enterado? Resulta que BURN ha lanzado una campaña con la que están recopilando talentos capaces de convertir algo normal en algo excepcional, sea lo… »

14 Aug. - Sponsored Post. Video

WHYRED Spring/Summer 2012

Cerruti 1881 FallWinter 2011

Adrien Sahores (Ford’s Models) starring the Cerruti 1881‘s Fall/Winter 2011 campaign.

13 AugCampaigns. Fall/Winter

Pablo Ramírez Spring/Summer 2012

Desfile del argentino Pablo Ramírez en la última Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Stockholm.

Sixpack France: Born Again Revisited

Born Again Revisited is the natural continuation of previous line “DUST TO DUST” by Sixpack France. Artists who have been working with theirs on this collection are: Jonathan Zawada, Cody Hudson, LS. Benway, Raphael Garnier…

12 AugCollection. Fall/Winter

StudioBerlin 2011: Come, play & stay

StudioBerlin is opening a temporary architectural installation and exhibition this Saturday beginning at 14:00 and going on until the park closes. Workshop is based in Berlin and is… »

12 AugEvents


Chuck, Gabe Mador and Raymond captured by Mark Kean and styled by Matthew Josephs for the issue #4 of Bullett.

11 AugEditorial


Chris Wetmore, Marshall Brockley, Seth Miller and Wes Phillips photographed by Christopher Kutner and styled by Micah Johnson for the September 2011 issue… »

10 AugEditorial

Raf Simons Fall/Winter 2011

Yannick Abrath, Timothy Kelleher, Adrien Sahores, Chris Beek and Alexandre Imbert starring in the Raf Simons Fall/Winter 2011 last campaign by Raf Simons and Willy Vanderperre.

10 AugCampaigns. Fall/Winter

Oh Land: White Nights

La productora Canada se ha encargado del nuevo video de la danesa Oh Land, para la canción White Nights. Como curiosidad, el vestuario de los bailarines que acompañan a Nanna Øland Fabricius está diseñado por»

10 AugMusic

Boy, oh boy!

Boy, oh boy! by Denise Boomkens for TheOnes2Watch.

9 AugEditorial

Saverio Cardia for UNflop Magazine

Sebastian Sauve and Paul Boche naked for UNflop, a new Italian magazine covering fashion, visual arts and music. Photos by Saverio Cardia and coordinated by Lorenzo Posocco.

9 AugEditorial

SERHAT ISIK Fall/Winter 2012

Serhat Isik presents his Fall/Winter 2011-2012 men’s collection called: “You don’t have a brother and he likes cheese”. Photos by »

Astrid Andersen Spring/Summer 2012

The Astrid Andersen Spring/Summer 2012 Show took place at a gym in the center of Copenhagen.

Jean//Phillip Spring/Summer 2012

Jean//phillip‘s Spring/Summer 2012 collection featured monochrome looks and great asymmetrical sleeveless vests.

Designskolen Kolding Spring/Summer 2012

Designskolen Kolding presented the final collections of its graduating class, during Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Magnus Loppe Spring/Summer 2012

Magnus Loppe presented a clean and simple collections for Spring/Summer 2012, featuring exceptional forms and unconventional silhouettes.

Soulland Spring/Summer 2012

Soulland showcased their Spring/Summer 2012 collection during Copenhagen Fashion Week.

(Q) Design & Play

Q’s Pre-Fall 2011 collection “Give Peace a Chance“ has been inspired by the recognization of peace movement during the Vietnam War. One of the most well-known anti-war activisms/icons was John Lennon and Yoko Ono whose music has been… »

8 AugIntroducing

Sarah Kjelleren

Sarah Kjelleren is a photographer from Vermont, in the United States. Fresh, inocent, pure and lovely inexperienced… She’s just 19-years-old but their work is pleasant to contemplate.

8 AugPhotographers
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Rich Brian photographed by Hengyi Liang for our most delicious issue

“Food is sex. Food is injustice. Food is insecurity. Food is security. Food is dialogue, it is even a confrontation of ideas. Food is memory”

This issue encompasses an extensive range of subjects from veganism to the time Paris ate its Zoo. Ghetto Gastro, Etienne Russo, along with designers Emily Bode, Masahiro Ino of Doublet, Mats Rombaut, and Priya Ahluwalia all join in on the conversation and share some of their favorite recipes!

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