Lander” is a spacecraft which descends toward and comes to rest on the surface of an astronomical body. One Wolf‘s unisex Fall/Winter 2017 collection is a story about a Man who has landed on Planet Earth. The collection reflects people’s longing for Earth – for a home. It is inspired by real space missions in which astronauts have had to spend over a year away from their homes and families.

The association with travelling far off into space has been chosen to reveal two poles: on the one hand, people’s ambitions and dreams of achievement and discovery, and on the other the primal longing for familiar, everyday things. These contrasts are reflected in the collection through the choice of materials, colours and textures. There are references to both astronaut clothing and apparel worn every day here in Earth.

One Wolf FW2017: LANDER
Designer: Agnese Narnicka
Photographer: Janis Sne
Creative direction and styling: Agnese Narnicka
Model: Janis Kronbergs