Spanish brand Nouman showed its Fall/Winter 2017 collection titled “Culture is Over” in Madrid.

“We want to claim the integration of fashion shows during fashion week in the downtown and for this we will make our runway independently of MBFWMadrid in one of the most representative buildings of the textile industry in Madrid, which are the old Pontejos company. After many years closed they have just been rehabilitated the warehouses and Nouman was the first to inaugurate it. The location is absolutely amazing and the idea to do it in this place is to revive precisely with a runway the ghost of what has been Pontejos for more than 100 years as it will take place in the halls where the ladies and gentlemen were going to arrange their outfits and the dressmakers made their designs.

Runway credits:
Art director: Kito Muñoz
Make up and hair artist: Vicent Guijarro
Photos by Julio Murias
Place: Pontejos 9 (Madrid)