Inspired by exotic destinations, reconstructed memories, and forgotten places, Odin New York’s FiFi Award-winning Black Line fragrance collection takes you on a fragrance journey with modern interpretations of time-honored fragrance traditions. Identical, amber-colored liquids, architectural lines and contrasting finishes are designed to provide a clean slate for each unique creation. Ten unisex fragrances of amber liquid inspired by fascinating foreign places – literal and figurative. While each has its own character, they collectively express the brand’s vision and take us on a journey abroad, steeped with all its mysticism.

Inspired by the rich landscapes of India, Black Line No. 12 Lacha by ODIN New York is a spicy blend of black pepper, rare Lacha saffron, warm nutmeg and carnation flower brings a kaleidoscope of images rich in color and synonymous with India. The essence of Lacha is characterized by a deep maroon hue, bittersweet and leathery, with a narcotic nature. A suede accord blended with sandalwood, musk and patchouli provide balance with a long-lasting earthy base.

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